Business Partners

Our theme is Building Tomorrow's Future Together. One of our district goals is to continue to enhance partnerships with the community and county. This program pairs a classroom with a local business. The four objectives of the program are: (1) Teach our business leaders the Six Pillars of Character, our School Motto, and our Purple Hands Pledge, (2) Take a field trip out to the business, (3) Teach a lesson with the business partner that connects academic skills to the world of work, and (4) Provide opportunities for the business partner to visit the school during special events and to participate in service projects.

Character Counts

Broadway Elementary School was named a Character Counts in Iowa "School of Character" in 2008. Broadway Elementary strives to help students build good character through the Six Pillars of Character: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship. Each month, we focus on a character pillar and how we can show good character through our words and actions.Throughout the year, we encourage our students to stay focused on our school motto, Be responsible, do our best, and help the rest!

Our town was the childhood home to Donna Reed, who graduated from Denison High School (now Broadway Elementary). Denison's motto is It's a Wonderful Life. At Broadway Elementary, we celebrate making good choices through our It's a Wonderful School Character Awards.

Click here to see a letter from former Governor Chet Culver commending Broadway Elementary School for being named a School of Character.

English as a Second Language

Denison ELL Handbook | Download PDF

Grade Level Overviews

Math Olympiad

Students who are advanced in mathematical skills are eligible for Math Olympiad. This is an intensive program for students with mathematical computation and problem solving ability. These math sessions are held after school, one day per week from October through March. Parental permission is required.

Musical Monarchs

Musical Monarchs is offered to any fifth grader interested in singing beyond the regular music class period. Rehearsals begin in October and are held every Monday after school. Attendance at rehearsals is mandatory unless excused by the teacher. Various performances will be given in the community throughout the school year.

Purple Hands Pledge

Purple Hands Pledge - Hands & Words are not for hurting

Broadway Elementary makes the Purple Hands Pledge a part of our character education program.

The Pledge:

I will not use my hands or my words for hurting myself or others.

See what is happening with the Purple Hands Program in your school.

STAR Problem-Solving Program

At Broadway Elementary School we supplement the Purple Hands Pledge with the STAR problem-solving program. Click here for more information on the STAR problem solving approach.


Our reading program involves teachers working with both whole class and small groups of students. We use guided reading when working with small groups of students who demonstrate similar reading behaviors and can all read similar levels of text. The text is easy enough for students to read with some fluency and at the same time offers challenges and opportunities to extend their thinking. Students read selections that expand their strategies. To reach the goal of increasing each student's reading comprehension, teachers provide direct instruction, model and give students support as they practice applying a range of comprehension strategies to the texts.

Parent-Child Shared Reading

PARENT TIPS: Here are some do’s and don’ts that will make shared reading a time to look forward to everyday.


  • Encourage your child to select his or her own books, but offer guidance toward appropriate choices.
  • Show interest and enthusiasm for Shared Reading Time.
  • Help your child if he or she has trouble with a word. Shared Reading is for the enjoyment, not skills instruction.
  • Encourage your child to stop and ask questions, make predictions and express opinions while reading.
  • Praise your child for showing an interest in reading.
  • Have fun!


  • Allow outside interruptions
  • Rush through Shared Reading Time
  • Let other activities take the place of reading together
  • Become frustrated with your child’s reading skills.
  • Use Shared Reading Time as a reward - or punishment. Make it an enjoyable daily activity.

Comprehensive Reading Program Flyer | Download PDF

Special Education

Special Education services are provided for eligible students in accordance with the student's Individual Education Plan (IEP). Students are identified through a referral and evaluation process and are educated in the general education curriculum and classrooms to the maximum extent possible. Students may receive different services at multiple points along the following continuum based on their IEP:

1) Consulting Teacher Services;
2) Co-Teaching Services;
3) Collaborative Services;
4) Pull-Out Services; and
5) Special Class.

District Developed Special Education Plan | Download PDF

Supplemental Educational Services

In the 2013-2014 school year, Broadway Elementary had approximately 225 eligible students and 15 students participating in the program.

The SIOP Model: Initiative To Increase Student Achievement

This year, teachers at Broadway Elementary School are implementing the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) model of instruction. This model is designed to increase student achievement. Click here to see a flyer on the SIOP Model.

Talented and Gifted

In order to meet the needs of students who require an additional challenge, there is an Extended Learning program available for students on a full year basis. Students are admitted to the program by exhibiting highly advanced thinking skills, content skills, and/or creativity. Iowa Tests of Basic Skills composite scores, teacher nomination, and/or individual assessments are involved in the selection process. The students are continually evaluated throughout the program to ensure that the students are benefiting from the program. Parental permission is required before students may participate.

Title 1

Title 1 Plan | Download PDF

Title 1 Parent Compact | Download PDF

Booster Club Piggy Bank

Our Booster Clubs fuel our programs and benefit our students! From scholarships to cookie receptions, become part of the driving force behind our school.