Fifth Grade Overview

The language program is designed to allow students opportunities to apply language skills such as, sentence structure, mechanics, and content paragraphs. The curriculum also includes Daily Oral Language, Writer's Workshop, and a review of the parts of speech.

The fifth grade reading program is guided reading coupled with a literature–based program which includes many different genres. Students need the opportunity to read many different types of books and to read as often as possible. It is the program's goal to increase a child's desire to read for pleasure, as well as for knowledge.

In American history, we study the period from the early explorers to the Civil War. We study groups and individuals who have contributed to make our country what it is today. In geography, we study the country by regions. We look at individual states in terms of products, recreational activities, physical features, natural resources, and population density. All fifth graders are expected to know the names of all fifty states and their capitals by the end of the year.

The study of plants, animals, and the environment are found in the life science section of the fifth grade science program. Earth science topics include weather, changes in the earth, pollution, energy sources, and the solar system. Support, movement, and the transport systems of the human body are also studied. Hands-on labs are used to extend the science program.

The fifth grade math curriculum includes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers, decimals, and fractions. Problem solving skills are taught and explored. Measurement in both metric and customary systems are incorporated. Basic geometry, ratio, and probability concepts are introduced.

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