Admin Office - 712.263.2176
FAX - 712.263.5233


High School - 712.263.3101
FAX - 712.263.6009


Middle School - 712.263.9393
FAX - 712.263.5418


20th St Elementary School - 712.263.3104
FAX - 712.263.8360


Broadway Elementary School - 712.263.3103
FAX - 712.263.3187

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Denison Community School District

819 North 16th Street

Denison, IA 51442


Admin Office:712-263-2176

High School: 712-263-3101

Middle School: 712-263-9393

Elementary School: 712-263-3104


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If you would like to report a bullying situation that you have witnessed or been involved in at any of the Denison Schools, please fill out this form.
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