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Vision of Curriculum Excellence

We the educators of the Denison Community School District, hold forth this vision of the curriculum of excellence we desire for all our students. We have a dream of a curriculum that is challenging, fosters the attitude of lifelong learning, and is characterized as being: - Read On



CourseTrak - Instructional Video

CourseTrak - Teacher Instructions

Student Learning Goals

Denison Community Schools NCLB goals.

  • All students K-12 will improve their level of proficiency in reading comprehension, prepared for success beyond high school.
  • All students K-12 will improve their level of proficiency in mathematics, prepared for success beyond high school.
  • All students K-12 will improve their level of proficiency in science, prepared for success beyond high school.

Standards and Benchmarks - go

Denison is in the process of updating and revising standards, benchmarks, and grade level expectations in all content areas. Current drafts of this work can be found by clicking above on 'go'.

Iowa Core Curriculum - go

The website offers a look at the academic expectations of the Iowa Core Curriculum and Iowa’s core content standards — or “what” students should know. It also provides performance standards — or “how well” students should perform in certain areas. Additional supplementary resources related to the National Common Core can be found here.

Educator Instructional Resources- go

Denison Elementary School is participating in the Reading First professional development which targets support for teachers in the five areas of reading: phonics, phonemic awareness, reading comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary. Click on 'go' above to access resources to support lesson design, implementation study, and data collection along with examples of the same.

Denison Middle School and Denison High School have engaged in Project CRISS (Creating Independence through Student-owned Strategies) over the course of the last two years. This professional development has promoted strategic planning and the implementation of a variety of strategies to help students become independent learners. Teachers will find numerous resources to support the professional development programs in their buildings by clicking on 'go' above.

Student Instructional Resources

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Secondary students have been learning multiple strategies to facilitate their growth as independent learners. These strategies are a component of the Project CRISS (Creating Independence through Student-owned Strategies) professional development program being studied and implemented by the staff. The following links provide students templates for the strategies that they may find useful as they complete assignments and prepare for projects, presentations, and tests. - Go