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Welcome to the Denison Middle School

Athletic Booster Club

An Athletic Booster Club member is
  • any parent having a child participating in any Denison/Schleswig athletic programs.
  • any interested adult wanting to help support Monarch athletes and athletic programs.
Monarch Booster Club offers discount Activity Passes

The following activity passes are made available to you through the Monarch Booster Club.  These passes will admit you to all regular season home games. If you would like to pay online use this link - Pay membership online

Athletic Booster Club Projects/Expenditures

Over the years Booster Club has given funds towards - view



Music Booster Club

What the Music Boosters do for our students:
  • scholarships to graduating seniors
  • financial assistance to students in honor bands/choirs
  • cookie receptions at concerts
  • monetary support of music programs

Become a Music Booster